Newly Unveiled Nerdio for Azure Core Allows MSPs to Quickly and Profitably Build an IaaS Practice in Microsoft Azure

April 9th, 2019
Liz Hoscheid
Liz HoscheidSr. Digital Marketing Manager

Nerdio for Azure Core provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a simplified plan for transitioning to Microsoft Azure via a cost-effective, per-customer account pricing model

Nerdio, a pioneer in Microsoft Azure IT automation, announced today the launch of Nerdio for Microsoft Azure Core in response to market demand from MSPs looking to quickly build Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) practices in Azure. A first-of-its-kind offering, Nerdio for Azure Core enables MSPs to offer Azure cloud solutions while on the path to complete virtual desktop-centric IT environments in the cloud. With Nerdio for Azure Core, service providers will continue to receive all the benefits of Nerdio’s popular and intuitive automated IT management platform, such as simplified and automated packaging, pricing, deployment, and optimization of Azure.

As an addition to the Nerdio for Azure product, Nerdio for Microsoft Azure Core addresses the current lack of other available options on the market for MSPs to quickly and easily transition their customers from on-premise servers to the cloud. It also allows service providers to build an IaaS practice in Azure with a clear migration path of the entire environment to the cloud.

“Without Nerdio for Azure Core, we would have had to hire at least five more employees to accomplish the same amount of work that Nerdio’s intuitive and MSP-friendly product provides with just a few clicks,” said Christopher Luise, Co-CEO of ADNET, a managed service provider. “Nerdio for Azure Core is truly unique in how it caters to MSPs who are looking to grow and build successful cloud practices in Azure.”

Through Nerdio for Azure Core, deploying a complete IT environment in Azure takes only one hour, compared to potentially several days or weeks of manual work that it would take using traditional deployment methods. In addition to saving time, Nerdio for Azure Core’s automated and standardized process significantly cuts down on the mistakes an MSP could make deploying Azure without Nerdio. With a monthly pricing model of $59 per customer account, one year of Nerdio for Microsoft Azure Core will cost roughly $700 per customer account allowing service providers to deploy customers in Microsoft Azure in a more cost-effective manner than ever before.

“There is no MSP who wants to build a cloud practice in Azure that could not use Nerdio for Azure Core to custom-fit their needs and create a seamless transition to a full cloud environment,” said Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO and co-founder of Nerdio. “The MSP market desperately needs an easy way to successfully move to Azure without unforeseen costs or concerns in adapting to the trend of cloud computing.”

“We’re excited to see Nerdio launch an innovative product for Microsoft Azure that can benefit the broader partner ecosystem,” said David Smith, Vice President of US Partner Development at Microsoft. “This solution can help MSPs build up cloud practices more quickly and ultimately bring the benefits of the cloud and Microsoft Azure to more customers.”

Nerdio for Azure Core includes several tools designed specifically for service providers including the Cost Estimator and Plans Designer, both of which allow MSPs to further build and customize their cloud practices. With Nerdio for Microsoft Azure Core, service providers are also able to add on virtual desktops, natural disaster recovery, and many other custom features to accommodate the ever-evolving and changing needs of their customers.

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