IT and Business Efficiency

June 24th, 2016
Liz Hoscheid
Liz HoscheidSr. Digital Marketing Manager

In 2013, CIOs everywhere declared the age of cost-cutting over. Now, with the rapid growth of cloud technology, mobile devices and the social sphere, we’ve entered the age of innovation. But with access to all of those resources, IT has changed as well.

It’s time to start thinking of your IT team as more than just your firefighters. They’re now your in-house heroes who can pack a one-two punch of efficiency fixes, innovation opportunities and productivity boosters.

Companies are investing in IT not just to save upfront costs, but to create efficient and long-term payoffs. Having a team come to your aid at the first sign of trouble is a nifty security blanket, but businesses everywhere are realizing that a well-oiled IT department can do much more than simply patch holes.

Software writing to automate repetitive and time-sucking processes? IT is on it. B2B connectivity to hook up trading partners, suppliers, and customers? IT can help with that, too. Keeping your teams remote and connected while working on the go? Look no further.

The Complexity Barrier

IT can now do it all, thanks to what some call the “complexity barrier.” Platforms, interfaces, and software have become so diverse and in such constant flux that IT has to take extra care to ensure all company devices are connected and responsive. At the same time, the IT team must streamline many different operational processes and educate users. IT professionals can offer you a customized solution made up of programs and software ideal for your business. One size fits all no longer applies.

Keeping You Connected

An efficient IT team will keep everyone connected no matter where they go. Having all your data and communication under the same umbrella will not only make collaboration better, but it will make working remotely easier (which makes employees happier, too). In 2015, 37 percent of the workforce did some form of telecommuting, according to a Gallup survey. And that percentage is only expected to grow. IT can pave the way for productive meetings, easily connecting colleagues from various locations. Because we all know nothing kills productivity like trying to talk to someone who sounds like a washing machine filled with rocks on the other end of the phone.


Keep Employees Doing What They Do Best

A good IT department can help assure that your employees do what they do best: the jobs you actually hired them for. Sure, Jim in sales might be pretty handy with his tablet, but his numbers might start to dip if he’s spending every week fighting with his handheld device. With an IT team available 24/7, your employees won’t have to worry about those problems. Or better yet, IT will get to the problem before it even makes it to your office.

The best companies know that less is more when it comes to hardware. The recent migration to cloud-based storage and data retention frees up more space. But some businesses are hesitant to move to cloud-based solutions fearing it’s not safe; however, a savvy IT team will always have your back. Not only is cloud-based technology safer and more reliable because it’s protected from natural disasters and hackers, it’s also backed up more frequently. Your chance of losing data is drastically reduced. Information security is capable of outsmarting hackers by preemptively using pattern recognition to thwart them and make predictions about these same threats in the future.

Your In-House Innovation Department

A visionary IT team can also drive innovative problem solving through streamlined internal collaboration. Say goodbye to the silos and hello to a whole new level of decision-making innovation.

It’s time to recognize your IT team as a critical driver of efficiency. No one will keep you ahead of the game and connected to the rest of your business like a good IT department. With all the new devices and technology available, let your IT team lead you to a more successful and efficient future, and let them do it today.