Being Smart About IT Partnerships

May 9th, 2017
Andrew Bunyi
Andrew BunyiCloud CIO

An IT partnership can be a great way for a business to grow and innovate. And as with any business partnership, it’s a good way for both parties to reach their goals. By taking a smart approach to partnership, MSPs can reap the maximum amount of benefit from the deal.

Bottom line, not all IT partnerships are created equal. It might take some time to find the right partner, but it is worth the search. Be smart about IT partnerships, and develop a plan to optimize the agreement.

Research potential partners

There are many questions to consider when researching potential IT partners, and there are different answers for every business. How will you implement your partner into your system? How much value will they provide? What resources can they bring to your business? Prioritize what is important to you, and then find a partner that can meet your needs.

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Define rules of engagement

One of the first steps when interacting with an IT partner is setting a framework for interaction. Having clear rules of engagement can reduce confusion later in the relationship. The best partnerships are based on trust, so look for a partner that you feel is looking out for your best interests as well as their own. If a partner makes a promise, make sure there are clear guidelines and procedures for working toward fulfilling that promise. Accomplishing goals is so much easier when everyone is on the same page.

Develop operational analytics

Look for ways to maximize the benefits of the partnership. One way is to develop operational analytics to make use of any data you are collecting. Having a system in place to make use of data is smart and valuable. Operational analytics allow companies to constantly innovate and adapt their processes. Stored data is a resource that can be used in many different ways to help a company grow and innovate, and a smart IT partnership takes advantage of these opportunities.

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Research-based development

IT partnerships can take advantage of research-based development to advance their objectives. By collaborating on projects, partners have access to a greater pool of resources and knowledge to guide their decisions. They can approach research on multiple fronts. Division of labor can lead to exciting new opportunities for both sides as they each take advantage of the other team’s research capabilities.


Partnerships don’t work if there are only one-sided agendas. Workable IT partnerships are built on honesty and trust. Speak openly about the goals of both businesses. Find ways to align resources so both sides get maximum gain from the partnership. Strategic partnerships can be beneficial for everyone involved, but each team must be candid about what they want from the relationship.

To ensure a lasting, valuable partnership, make sure that it is beneficial for both parties. Collaborate to use both sides’ resources, and continually look for ways to research and develop new initiatives. Generally, it pays to be smart, and being smart about your IT partnership will soon lead to tangible results.