Ability Technologies Case Study

March 31st, 2019

Ability Technologies is a Colorado-based managed service provider (MSP) that has been providing managed IT and cloud services since 2005. They primarily serve businesses with fewer than 250 employees in locations across the country.

Due to their wide geographic presence, Ability Technologies must leverage public cloud-based technologies in a deeper and more regular way than many IT providers. The cloud allows them to design systems for clients that maximize reliability, while also minimizing the need to have any local or onsite IT support requirements.

PROBLEM 1 – The need for automation
Ability Technologies had been using Azure for a couple of years, but as Azure continues to grow, so does its complexity and the need for experienced and trained in-house engineers. This became expensive and a bit overwhelming, so Steve Schmalz, Owner of Ability Technologies, began his search for a product that would automate Azure deployment and management and minimize the need to hire additional staff to support his growing cloud business. 

Steve discovered Nerdio for Azure in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and quickly realized that it checked all the feature boxes that Ability Technologies was looking for–the most important being the ability to automate the deployment of Azure resources without having to hire and train additional engineering staff, saving them thousands of dollars.  He tested it out and quickly found it to be a great fit as they continued to build a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure.

Ability Technologies’ sole reservation when choosing Nerdio for Azure was whether they could count on an ever-evolving pipeline of new functionality, especially in the area of automation. Fortunately, they’ve been pleased with the pace of rich features and improvements that have come on a regular basis.

PROBLEM 2 – Current methods of deploying Azure were inefficient and time consuming
Ability Technologies needed to find a way to streamline their laborious and complex deployment process within Azure. Using their current system, it would take Ability’s staff nearly 30 hours to deploy a 150-user environment within Azure. This was neither efficient nor cost effective. There had to be a better way.

Nerdio for Azure automates the deployment of IT environments in Azure. With a few clicks of a mouse, the intuitive platform can do the heavy lifting so the engineering staff can dedicate their time to other more meaningful and important tasks.

The Situation –The market is rapidly shifting to cloud solutions
The MSP market is moving quickly to the cloud to ensure customers experience greater reliability, uptime, security, and responsiveness. Ability Technologies had to respond accordingly and make sure they were 100% cloud-ready.

50% of Ability Technologies’ cloud-based customers are in Azure, with more making the move as time moves forward. 70% of their total revenue stream currently comes from the cloud, and as more clients are ditching their outdated legacy and on-premise systems, Ability Technologies has shifted their complete attention to delivering cloud-based solutions. Finding the right partners to work with is imperative to their success.

As a proud partner of Ability Technologies, Nerdio for Azure empowers their team to build and grow their cloud practice in Azure and stay ahead of the curve rather than playing catchup later. They are now able to take on as many clients as they can handle and have more than doubled their profitability and new cloud customers.

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