3 Reasons Why Your IT Team Is Begging For a Cloud Environment

July 3rd, 2018
Amol Dalvi
Amol DalviVP, Product

In just a few short years, what many people viewed as yet another trend or passing fad has long since proved to be anything but. According to one recent study, enterprise cloud spending is growing at an enormous rate—to the tune of about 16% annually between 2016 and 2026. By as soon as 2022, Amazon Web Services alone will reach about $43 billion in revenue. In fact, Forbes recently predicted that by the end of the 2020 calendar year, 83% of ALL enterprise workloads will be based either partially or entirely in the cloud.

A significant portion of this charge has been led by a younger and savvier generation of rank-and-file IT workers who were sold on the benefits of cloud computing long ago—probably before they even started working within your organization. In truth, there are three core reasons why your IT team is begging you for a cloud environment right now, and it is in your own best interest to listen to them.

1. They See It as Multiple Opportunities Rolled Into One

One of the most immediate reasons why your IT team is probably begging you for a cloud environment has to do with the opportunity that it represents— several, in fact. Moving into the cloud may represent a change from the way that you currently do things, yes—but it also creates a chance for almost immediate cost savings and convenience across the board.


Suddenly, you have access to the latest that technology has to offer WITHOUT the massive upfront investment normally required. All of those exorbitant and unpredictable costs are exchanged for one fixed monthly fee and, in return, you get exactly what you need to create a firm competitive advantage for yourself, no exceptions. Not only that, but your IT team now has better access to the tools they feel they need to do their jobs. Making sure that employees have the right assets they need to do their jobs correctly has long been seen as one of the cornerstones of increasing employee engagement, which itself improves both the quality of their work and their general productivity levels as well.

2. They Can See the Flexibility Where It Is Desperately Needed

All industries change and evolve over time—there really is no getting around that fact. But your business needs to be positioned in a way that allows it to do the same, not in a reactive way after the fact but in the most proactive way possible. This leads directly into another one of the major reasons why your IT team is begging for a cloud environment—it can allow you to effortlessly evolve to meet or exceed your changing business needs, regardless of the shape they actually take.

Technology plays a massive role in your organization’s flexibility and scalability, and the cloud makes this easier than ever. Absolutely everything from something as simple as adding new resources to account for an expanding workforce to a complete technological transformation to prepare yourself for the next decade is far easier (and dramatically less expensive) when your environment is in the cloud as opposed to on-premise.

Your IT teams can see the work that needs to be done next week, next year and even into the next decade. You can only delay the inevitable for so long. Not only will the cloud make this work easier, it will also make the result of that work more effective as well.


3. They Want to Focus More on Strategy and Less on Administration

Finally and perhaps most importantly, one of the biggest reasons why your IT team is begging for a cloud environment has to do with how it allows them to realign their focus toward bigger and better things within your organization.

Leveraging vendor services by way of a cloud environment helps to relieve them from the burden of a lot of the “heavy lifting” commonly associated with IT teams. Instead of spending countless hours every day on straightforward development work, troubleshooting small problems, implementing countless upgrades and more, they’re now free to focus on more strategic initiatives that will propel your organization forward.

Factors like maintenance and user support are and will always be important, make no mistake about that. But they’re also not necessarily the best use of time for these highly skilled (and often highly paid) in-house IT employees. Whether you’re talking about a private cloud infrastructure, a public cloud like Azure or a combination of both, the cloud does more than just let these workers flex their IT muscles—it helps them help you build the type of organization you always dreamed you’d one day be running.

The very concept of the cloud itself has already left an indelible mark on nearly every business and in nearly every industry that you can think of. This is absolutely the way of the future, even if your business isn’t one that most would consider a “tech-based organization.” You need to be able to cement a competitive advantage for yourself. You need to be able to pivot as the world around you does the same. You need to be able to do these things as inexpensively and as effectively as possible. This is why your IT team is telling you that you need a cloud environment and why you need to start listening to them sooner rather than later.