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VideosJuly 06, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Performance Monitoring

In this session, we are going to dive deep into performance monitoring. We will look at it both from the standpoint of how performance monitoring works in Microsoft Azure and also look at how it is implemented in Nerdio for Azure with desktop visual synthetic monitoring. Enjoy the session.

VideosJuly 02, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Security Components

In this session we'll talk about one of the most frequently asked about topics when it comes to Microsoft Azure and Nerdio for Azure, security components. Building a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure requires having a strong foundation in security fundamentals, as it is something your customers will not just ask about, but demand. We'll dive into multifactor authentication in the Nerdio Admin Portal and in Office 365, self-serve password reset, content filtering, encryption, and much more. Enjoy the session.

VideosJune 28, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Onboarding Tools

In this session, we're going to talk about the various onboarding tools that are used by MSPs to onboard customers into Nerdio for Azure. We'll cover a variety of topics including AD export, how to update groups and contacts, data mirroring, robocopy, and more. Enjoy the session.

VideosJune 24, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Backup, Restoration and Data Protection

In this session, we are going to talk about how backup, restoration, and data protection work in Nerdio for Azure. We'll cover topics such as shadow copy and how to restore, recovery services, file recovery from Azure backup, how to revert a desktop in a profile and we'll touch on Azure site recovery. Enjoy this session.

VideosJune 20, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: On-Ramp Regions

In this session, we are going to cover a very interesting topic and piece of functionality known as on-ramp regions. Oftentimes, a company may have their headquarters let's say, in Chicago and are primarily using Azure services in the central region data center from Microsoft. but they may also have employees scattered around other parts of the United States or the world and want those employees to have their virtual desktops closer to them and served out of Microsoft's Azure regions in closer proximity to the employee. For example, their employee in New York could now have her desktop served up to her from east US data center to minimize latency. This is the beauty of on ramp regions, bringing the resources of Microsoft Azure closer to where they will be consumed. In this session, we will show you how to implement on ramp regions in Nerdio for Azure. Enjoy the session.

VideosJune 16, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Networking

In this session, we are going to discuss networking in Dionne for Azure. We'll talk about VPN gateway and its associated pricing, how to add VPN connections, role-based versus policy-based VPNs, firewalls and firewall rules, and IP address costs. A very important topic to understand when considering how to build a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure. Enjoy the session.

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