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Elaine Wang

VideosSeptember 12, 2019Elaine Wang

What is Azure Lighthouse? (3 Ways It Benefits MSPs)

What is Microsoft’s Azure Lighthouse and how does it benefit MSPs? Learn about the three main benefits that you can take advantage of but are probably missing out on: •Create user credentials in your own, partner Azure AD tenant •Get access to your Azure AD tenant to manage customer environments •Control who has access to what without sharing any passwords

VideosJuly 01, 2019Elaine Wang

Nerdio Fundamentals: Azure Margin Optimization

For an MSP building a cloud practice in Azure one of the most important considerations is to understand how to transact in Azure. This includes the various types of Azure resources and how they work, how each type of resource is billed, how to architect an Azure IT environment, and most importantly how to make money. There are many levers available to reduce Azure costs drastically relative to list prices. We’re not talking here about 5%-10% points but high double-digit numbers, in some cases. The following 5 levers will take you most of the way towards really making money offering and reselling Azure as a core part of your cloud practice.

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