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Windows Virtual Desktop – FAQs from MSPs

Vadim Vladimirskiy
Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio
0 commentsMarch 03, 2019FAQs

Will you support Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

Yes, when Windows Virtual Desktop is in general availability, we will support it with the ability to convert traditional RDS environments to WVD if desired.

Will Nerdio integrate or take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop by the time General Availability is released?

Yes – that’s our plan!

What did Microsoft announce?

Public preview of WVD. It was in private preview that we were a part of for 1.5 years. Now it’s open to everyone. It’s preview so not production-grade yet. Many features are still coming but it’s usable right now.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop and how does it differ from what is available on the market today?

New Win10 multi-session OS; WVD-hosted service to route the connections; new profile management technology through FSlogix acquisition; and simplified licensing where all you need is a Windows 10 Enterprise subscription.

Why is Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Virtual Desktop going to Public Preview important for MSPs?

MSPs should start learning about it now and plan to create offers once in GA.

What should MSPs do today to take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop?

Sign up and test it out!

When will Windows Virtual Desktop become available in Nerdio for Azure?

We’re planning to have Windows Virtual Desktop available in Nerdio for Azure by the time it goes into general availability.

Can I test Windows Virtual Desktop today if I am an MSP?

Yes, it’s available on Microsoft’s site

What is the price for running Windows Virtual Desktop-based virtual desktops?

There is no license to buy outside of a Windows 10 subscription.

Should I delay all my RDS deployments for this year and wait for Windows Virtual Desktop?

No. There will be a migration path from RDS to Windows Virtual Desktop.

Can I upgrade my existing RDS-based deployments to WVD?

We are planning to have this capability in Nerdio for Azure.

Does Windows Virtual Desktop support Remote Apps?


Can you show me a WVD desktop? How can I get access to a WVD desktop?

Anyone can sign up for the public preview and test it out.

What kind of end-user devices work with WVD? Can I use zero-clients?

All Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and HTML5 browsers. There will be thin clients coming out in the near future to support the new version of the RDP client.

Will current customers on Nerdio be able to do an in-place upgrade to WVD?

Yes, that’s our plan.

Is Windows Virtual Desktop more expensive than traditional infrastructure?

WVD requires a Windows 10 subscription license and you pay for the compute/storage consumption of the VMs that are running the virtual desktops. Currently, you also need infrastructure servers to run various RDS roles. These are not needed with WVD. However, the cost of a Windows 10 license is higher than the cost of a RDS license. Therefore, if the customer already has Win10 subscription then WVD is a no-cost item and RDS is. If they don’t have Win10 and need to buy those licenses, then it’s more expensive to use WVD rather than RDS. For more information, check out this article.

Does Windows Virtual Desktop affect the Nerdio Core offering?

No, Core doesn’t have any desktop functionality.

Does Windows Virtual Desktop mean there is no need for Nerdio For Azure?

Not at all. WVD is a combination of technologies that allow MSPs and IT departments to build and manage virtual desktops in Azure. WVD provides the control plane management service, new desktop operating system, profile management solution and simplified licensing to enable MSPs to create Azure-based virtual desktop offers for their customers.

How does Windows Virtual Desktop change what Nerdio for Azure does?

It doesn’t really change what we do. We now help MSPs with pricing, packaging, deploying, managing and cost optimizing WVD deployments for customers in addition to RDS deployments.

Do you think Microsoft will eventually will do what Nerdio for Azure does?

No. Microsoft is in the business of creating technologies and tools to enable partners to build customer solutions. Windows Virtual Desktop is an example of such technology. Nerdio takes those building blocks and makes them easily usable.

How does Microsofts new virtual desktops and apps affect the Nerdio story and business?

It doesn’t change it at all. WVD will become a feature of Nerdio for Azure in addition to RDS once it goes GA.

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