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Why Nerdio Licenses are Actually Free (and Make You Money!)

During my time at Nerdio, I have spoken to numerous companies, clients, and partners— literally hundreds of them. Conversations range from Azure Virtual Desktop to more specific topics such as how to handle certain application workloads, image management, our overly popular autoscaling options, and more. Of course, Windows 365, and Cloud PC as a category have also been popular topics throughout the last couple of months.  

In general, after we’ve done a demo where I demonstrate the ins and outs, or at least up to a certain point since time is limited, they can’t wait to get their “hands dirty” and give either Nerdio Manager for Enterprise or Nerdio Manager for MSP a try themselves.  

What’s the Cost?

However, before they do, there’s always that final question about licensing and pricing, and I can’t blame them. It’s something I was always interested in as well when “I was on the other side of the table” – before I joined Nerdio.  

What type of licensing options do you have available, how will I be invoiced, what do I need to purchase upfront, and even more importantly, what will it cost me?  

Let me tell you, I am always happy to answer these types of questions. Why? Well, first of all, Nerdio licenses are cheap–there’s really no other way to put it. Secondly, our licenses include everything you need. There are no separate contracts to purchase (annually, for example) or upfront investments to make.  

Support, as well as all future new versions are included and depending on which solution you would like to use, we even go as far as to help you onboard your first two customers— also free of charge.  

Customer Success  

In addition to that, we have introduced Customer Success Packages which will take your understanding of Azure combined with Nerdio to a whole new level enabling you to get the most out of Nerdio as well as AVD/Cloud PC, within no time. By excluding steep learning curves, we will get your team(s) up and running as quickly as possible so you can go and take advantage of all we have to offer. See the overview below to get an impression.  

Nerdio Customer Success Packages

Plus, if you consider the time and financial savings, including the added efficiency that comes with using Nerdio Manager, you’ll see that Nerdio licenses do not cost you money. They actually make you money! And the best thing is, I will be able to show you all this as well.   

What’s not to like?! 

Research (over 2020 and beyond) has shown that by implementing and using Nerdio Manager on a daily basis will save companies up to 83% on Azure resource costs. More on this in a bit. In fact, licenses pay for themselves after an average of 6.5 days! 

Azure Marketplace 

But before I dive in a bit deeper, it is important to understand that both of our products are deployed and invoiced through the Azure Marketplace. As a result, Nerdio Manager is available in all Azure regions worldwide. Installing the products will take you somewhere between 20-30 minutes, depending on the time of day, the Region you are deploying into, how busy the Azure platform is, and more.  

Not only does this make the installation and initial set up a smooth experience, the entire procurement process, especially within mid-sized to bigger companies becomes a lot easier as well. Another time saver.  

We also offer a 30-day trial free of Nerdio licenses with no questions asked.  

Nerdio licenses will be invoiced as part of your monthly Azure statement tied to your subscription. High level you could say it works as follows: you pay Microsoft and Microsoft pays Nerdio. All this happens fully automatically. That also means that if your company’s usage pattern changes, your monthly invoice will change with it.  

Another thing I wanted to highlight is that we always invoice in arrears. Meaning the usage of October will be invoiced around the first of November. In short, you will only be charged for the actual licenses consumed and always after the fact. That’s a fair approach, don’t you agree?  

License Count Example 

Let’s say that at one point you have 500 monthly active users. This would mean you will only be invoiced for 500 users (even if you have 1000 users assigned). Now, a month later, perhaps in the middle of the summer holiday season, you may only have 250 monthly active users – a lot less. Same rules apply, the whole process is automated, and you will be invoiced for those 250 users, nothing more, nothing less.  

Also note that all usage / consumption information is directly accessible and viewable (exportable as a report as well) from the Nerdio Manager user interface, as shown below (click to enlarge): 

auto-scale savings

As always, if the above in unclear for whatever reason, let me know and we’ll hop on a 15- minute call. I’d love to do it! 

Nerdio Licenses for Free 

The things we do and implement from a technical point of view to save on Azure resources (and time) are plentiful and would probably take me another 5 blog posts or so to explain. I will not do that here. And to be honest, if you are the one responsible for the commercial and/or financial side of things, you probably don’t really care either. It’s the outcome that counts! Though, when interested we can go as deep as you would like into the technology as well.  

Through the last 12 months, we have been talking to and monitoring various verticals and spoken to hundreds of Nerdio customers, which included decision makers, commercial roles as well as technically-orientated folks. The cost-savings results we have achieved with Nerdio Manager were staggering–see for yourself.  

nerdio cost savings examples

Time Savings 

To put things into a bit more perspective, we have also done research around some of the time savings you will get from using our solutions. Please have a look at the below overview. Of course, for some it will be a bit more, for others it might be a bit less, but overall, the savings will be quite substantial as you can see.  

time savings microsoft azure

We are all about automating complex tasks for you, making sure they are repeatable and less prone to human errors.  

Unique Cost Saving Strategies 

Using our solution, we enable you to apply some very interesting cost saving strategies unique to our technology. The various costs that come with leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop can be confusing. That’s why we developed a clear overview on what is involved and how you can save up to 83% on the underlying Azure compute and storage costs. Have a look at the images below, as well as this blog post from our CEO, Vadim Vladimirskiy for some more detailed background information.  

azure virtual desktop costs
cost reduction for avd

To Summarize 

As you can see, there are many reasons why companies love using Nerdio’s solutions. If cost savings, adding efficiency to your day-to-day work, as well as enabling >80% percent of your IT workforce to be able to work with, deploy, manage, and optimize Azure Virtual Desktop together with Windows 365 Cloud PC are on your agenda, please consider having a chat with us to find out how we can accelerate your Azure Cloud business.  

In short… 

  • We offer one of the (if not, the) most flexible and honest licensing programs out there. 
  • No need to purchase or annually renew any of your contracts. Invoicing and billing is done through the Azure Marketplace, fully automated and consumption based, also simplifying, and speeding up the procurement process.  
  • Support is included as are any future software releases. 
  • The cost saving strategies we offer are unique to Nerdio, you’ll benefit in days.  
  • Within 6.5 days on average, you will have earned back your Nerdio licenses costs and will start to make money. 
  • Our Customer Success Packages are extremely detailed and delivered by industry experts talking you through it step by step.  

There you go. I hope this has been informative, and if you have any questions or would like to get started using Nerdio, please, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you on your way towards becoming more successful leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud resources. 


Multi-Cloud and On-Premises Deployment with Azure Stack HCI (Coming Soon)

Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop in Azure and extend the session host VM placement to on-premises and other cloud using Azure Stack HCI. Nerdio Manager automates deployment of session hosts, AVD agent installation, and full integration into the AVD deployment in Azure.

Create a brand new Azure Virtual Desktop environment or allow Nerdio Manager to discover an existing deployment, connecting to existing resources, and manage them.

Deploy Nerdio Manager from Azure Marketplace and configure a new AVD environment with an easy to follow, step-by-step configuration wizard. First group of users can access their AVD desktop in less than 2 hours.

Service providers, system integrators, and consultants can leverage Nerdio Manager’s scripted AVD deployment template. Create complete environments with desktop images, host pools, and auto-scaling in minutes.

Create and manage AVD environments that span Azure regions and subscriptions. Quickly link Vnets and resource groups and manage AVD deployments world-wide from unified portal.

Link multiple Azure tenants under the same Nerdio Manager instance and manage AVD deployments that span Azure AD tenants. User identities and session host VMs can run in separate tenants for maximum flexibilty and security.

Deploy and manage AVD environments that span across sovereign Azure Clouds. Cross-sovereign cloud support allows identity (e.g. users and groups) to be in one Azure Cloud, while session host VMs are in another Azure Cloud.

Management of workspaces, host pools, app groups, RemoteApps & custom RDP settings

Administer every aspect of AVD with Nerdio Manager including workspaces, host pools, application groups, RemoteApp publishing, RDP properties, session time limits, FSLogix, and much, much more. Every Azure service that AVD relies on can be managed with Nerdio Manager.

Deploy and manage AVD session host VMs. Hosts can be created manually or with auto-scaling, deleted on-demand or on a schedule, re-imaged to apply updates, run a scripted action, resized, put into or taken out of drain mode, and more.

Manage user sessions across the entire AVD environment, within a workspace, host pool or on a single host. Monitor session status, disconnect or log off the user, shadow or remote control to provide support, or send user an on-screen message.

End users have the ability to log into Nerdio Manager with their Azure AD credentials and manage their own session, restart their desktop VM, or start a session host if none are started in a host pool. (Ability to resize and re-image own desktop is coming soon.)

Create, link, and manage Azure Files shares including AD domain join. Synchronize Azure Files permissions with host pools, configure quotas, and enable SMB multi-channel. Manage file lock handles and configure Azure Files auto-scaling to increase quota as needed.

Create, link, and manage Azure NetApp Files accounts, capacity pools and volumes. Configure provisioned volume size, monitor usage, and use auto-scaling to automatically adjust volume and capacity pool size to accommodate the needed capacity and latency requirements.

FSLogix configuration can be complex and overwheling, but not with Nerdio Manager. Create one or more FSLogix profiles with all the needed options, point at one or more Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, or server locations and select from VHDLocations, CloudCache and Azure Blob storage modes.

Multiple identity source profiles can be set up and used automatically on different host pools. Active Directory, Azure AD DS, and Native Azure AD are all supported. Choose the appropriate directory profile when adding a host pool and all VMs will automatically join this directory when being created.

Create a copy of a host pool with all of its settings: auto-scale config, app groups and RemoteApps, MSIX AppAttach, user/group assignments, VM deployment settings, etc. Save time by creating host pool “templates” that can be cloned to any Workspace, Azure region or subscription instead of starting from scratch.

Apply user session time limits at host pool level. Automatically log off disconnected sessions, limit the duration of idle sessions, control empty RemoteApp session behavior and more.

Assign Azure AD users to personal desktops to ensure the user will log into a pre-configured VM. Un-assign personal desktops from users who leave the organization and re-use these VMs for new users.

Pre-configure custom Azure tags for all Azure resources associated with each host pool. Tags can be used for charge-back and cost allocation by host pool.

When creating session hosts using NV-series VMs NVIDIA and AMD GPU drivers are automatically installed.

Move existing host pools from Fall 2019 (Classic) object model to Spring 2020 (ARM) object model. Choose to whether to move or copy user assignments. Existing session hosts are automatically migrated or new ones can be created in the ARM host pool.

Automatically enable and configure AVD integration with Azure monitor. Zero configuration required. Azure Monitor Insights for AVD can be used instead of or in conjunction with Sepago Monitor.

AVD personal desktops to Windows 365 Cloud PC migration (Coming Soon)

Migrate users from AVD personal desktops to Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs using an existing image and user assignment. (Coming soon)


Cloud PC License Usage Optimization (Coming Soon)

Cloud PC device lifecycle management

Cloud PC user group assignment

Intune primary user management on Cloud PCs

Migrate AVD personal desktops to Cloud PCs (Coming Soon)

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