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What is Microsoft Azure? FAQs from MSPs

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing service that contains many of Microsoft’s offerings, like Office 365. It’s a collection of hundreds of different services that let you do almost anything via the cloud, like host web servers, email servers, and even virtual machines with Windows Virtual Desktops. Many businesses are now turning to Microsoft Azure or its competitors to handle their IT requirements without the need for clunky on-premise servers.


What does Microsoft Azure cost?

It’s a common misconception that Microsoft Azure is expensive. It certainly can be more expensive than on-premise solutions, but pricing for Microsoft Azure is modular and customizable. If you’re aware of how to make the most of it, Microsoft Azure can be significantly less expensive than competitors for managing a cloud practice. Still, there’s no one answer for what Azure costs, as it depends on your exact needs. However, you can see Microsoft’s own pricing page here, or you can explore our comprehensive Azure Cost Estimator for a break down of each component.


What’s the big deal about Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a powerful new Azure-only virtualization offering from Microsoft. It stands to change quite a lot, so it’s worth reading into. We have a full rundown of Windows Virtual Desktop and lots of other resources here on our Academy.


How can I learn how to use Microsoft Azure?

From start to finish, completely getting your head around Microsoft Azure could take months, or even years, and require expensive courses and tuition. There is a frankly absurd number of services that Azure offers, so it’s difficult to get someone in your establishment trained in it.

That’s why we started Nerdio for Azure – to provide a Microsoft Azure automation solution so you as an MSP don’t need extensive training to offer Azure services to customers.


Why should I use Microsoft Azure as an MSP over Amazon Web Services?

Microsoft Azure’s primary competitor is Amazon Web Services (AWS). We believe Azure has the edge in a number of ways, but you can read about it in Microsoft’s own words here


So… how do I pronounce Microsoft Azure?

That depends which side of the pond you’re on, to an extent. Mark Russinovich, the Azure CTO, calls it ‘AZH-uhr.’ Like ‘asher’, but with a ‘z’.