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The Best Vendor Support for MSPs, Medium, and Enterprise-sized Businesses

If anything, support needs to be top notch when dealing with medium-sized and enterprise companies. You cannot afford any single points of failure, and preferably you have access to a team of experts you can rely on to do the heavy lifting when things go wrong or when you are looking for someone to have a chat with.

Our Enterprise support team at Nerdio is fantastic– they really are. They’re knowledgeable, swift in their response, and always put the customer first.

One of the things I like best, though, is that support is included with both Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and MSP. You don’t need to purchase and pay for a separate support contract, renew yearly, or anything like that. Having said that, take a look at our licensing options and monthly pricing and it almost seems too good to be true.

In fact, during the PoC phase (both solutions are available from the Azure Marketplace, up and running within 45 minutes), you can make use of support as well. During the PoC we always try to make sure that our (potential) customers get the best out of Nerdio during their 30 day free trial. This approach lowers the barrier, saves time, money, and makes sure we are all on the same page.

Proof of Concept Support

On a few occasions I’ve had some customers who ran into an issue, a misconfiguration, or an error of some sort during the PoC phase. Whenever I can, I will always try to help them personally. However, I don’t mind sending them over to Nerdio Support because I know they will be satisfied later that day – or that same hour in many cases.

Even before you start using Nerdio in production, you will have experienced all facets that come with using an Enterprise solution and building a long-term relationship, which is the ultimate goal, of course.

Online Resources

I always point out our first line of defense–our online Nerdio Academy for both Manager for Enterprise as well as MSP. The content is brief, to the point, and very easy to digest.

We have videos and Knowledge Base articles on just about any configuration option available within both solutions. What about the inner workings of the solutions and the permissions they need? What data is stored where? You name it, you’ll find it online.

Our release notes page let you know what’s coming up and enables you to view all previous released versions including all features and functionalities released with it. Again, links to videos and Knowledge Base (KB) articles will be included there as well.

We often get questions about licensing, how licenses are counted and invoiced, the types of licenses and their differences per solution. This is also out in the open.

What about security? How to harden underlying services and secure communication within your AVD environment, advanced app service configurations, that sort of thing. Backup your Nerdio/AVD configuration, how to make your deployment highly available if desired. That and more, you can find it all online. Including various best practices.

Visit the Nerdio Academy

Go Live Engineer

When it comes to Nerdio Manager for MSP we even take it one step further and offer our customers additional FREE support in the form of a Go Live Engineer, or GLE for short.

The GLE engagement is offered to new partners looking to accelerate their cloud entry with Nerdio as they work towards growing an Azure practice with their first two accounts. 

New partners are entitled to have two free GLE engagements. A GLEs primary goal with a partner is to help them bring a closed deal to its go live in a timely manner using best practice and methods aligned with giving their customers a positive and sustainable cloud experience. The following are the details of the process to achieve that goal. 

For direct partners, a GLE involvement will be scoped as follows:

  • Architectural and proposal (quote) validation
  • Nerdio Orchestration and best practices
  • Host and Golden Image/Template management
  • VPN Configuration
    • Including IKEv1 vs IKEv2
  • Office installation knowledge transfer (Nerdio to provide KBs)
  • Nerdio pool management and optimization features
  • Azure VM series evaluation and configuration
  • FSLogix review and walk through from Nerdio orchestration.

How about that?

Let us know if you would like to learn more or have a customer-case where you think this approach makes sense and we can set it up together.

What About Nerdio Manager for Enterprise?

Even though we do not have a similar service for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, we always put in the effort necessary to make sure our clients and partners are successful. We often organize extensive deep(er) dive sessions, demos, one to many questionnaires, one-on-one meetings; you name it, it always works out!

Once we start a PoC, we make sure to discuss success criteria and act accordingly in the weeks that follow. We’ll schedule additional sessions, do a quick health check in between,  to make sure that together we get the most out of the 30-day free trial.

Partnerd Program

As part of our Partnerd program, we offer various benefits based on tiered partner levels, which can be achieved in multiple ways. This includes but is not limited to free Nerdio certifications, exclusive training and webinars, and an all-expense paid trip to NerdioCon (annual event) as you add more customers and move up in partner tiers.

From a marketing perspective, you can count on access to exclusive, white-labeled content, up-to-date product demo videos, e-guides and white papers, and monthly partner webinars.

Furthermore, you can gain access to the previously highlighted Nerdio’s Go Live engineering team and earn monthly training sessions with Nerdio leadership.

Learn more about the Partnerd program here

Next Steps 

As you can see, there is a wealth of free information and support available. We support our partners and customers in any way you can think of, and we always go the extra mile, as they say. I would like to invite you to become part of ecosystem as well, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Thank you for reading and until next time.

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