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New Features in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Version 3.5 

Gearing up for our biggest MSP and partner event of the year has been a big focus here at Nerdio but that hasn’t stopped us from developing a whole new slew of product features in our enterprise product Nerdio Manager for Enterprise.  

Version 3.5 brings many new capabilities to enterprise IT professionals operating environments in Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite features below that help improve provisioning and allow enterprise IT pros to further leverage our powerful scripted actions

Azure DevOps Repositories 

This new feature allows admins to synchronize scripted actions with Azure DevOps repositories. They’re able to use favorite tools, like Visual Studio Code, to edit and maintain scripted actions with all of the power of Azure DevOps workflows, versioning, and so much more. Not only does this save time but scripted actions are automatically synchronized with Azure DevOps repositories. Any changes take effect immediately without the need for configuration changes to be made in Nerdio Manager. 

Azure Files AAD Join

Admins can create new Azure Files shares and automatically join them to Azure AD with this new feature. AAD-joined file shares can be used to host FSLogix profiles and used with AAD-joined session hosts to simplify ongoing management of AVD and Windows 365.  

Windows 365 Enterprise AAD Join 

Provision Cloud PCs without on-premises AD domain controllers with Windows 365 Enterprise AAD Join. Both customer-managed and Microsoft-managed VNets are supported. This enables Cloud PCs to be provisioned faster and they will join Azure AD automatically. 

Modify User Assignment on Personal Desktops

This feature admins can now easily assign, un-assign, or change the assigned user on personal desktop VMs.  

For the full list of new features (16!) and enhancements please head to our enterprise Knowledge Base site’s Release Notes page