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NerdioCon Nerd Icon: Scott Davis, Quickpass Cybersecurity

If January sets the tone and pace for 2023 then we better buckle up! This month we’ve been heads down getting the agenda, content tracks, excursions, and all the moving parts ready for our all-inclusive, in-person partner conference taking place Feb 27 – Mar 3 in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. You can read our press release from last week to learn more.

But more so than “learn more” you might want to jump on registering as only a few more NerdioCon spots are available! We’ve received incredible interest in the event and are looking forward to having over 300 partners join us in paradise this year. Please visit to register today and ensure your spot is saved.

To bring visibility to the event’s fantastic speaker lineup, we’re pumped to share our interview with the third Nerd Icon in this series: Scott Davis, Director of Cybersecurity Education, Quickpass!

Tell us a bit about Quickpass and your current role with them. 

Quickpass Cybersecurity provides solutions to empower MSPs, or what we like to call the superheros of technology, the ability to eliminate stale, static passwords and automate helpdesk security. Quickpass will deliver better security and productivity that enables your team of superheros to do what they do best.

My current role at Quickpass is to educate and strengthen the emerging and already established community leaders across cybersecurity and the channel. At Quickpass we are highlighting the successes of the community while adding value, security, and resources to help us all succeed together.

How did you get to this point in your career, and what sustained or prompted your interest in the tech industry?  

I have been listening and learning between enterprise IT, managed services, and the vendor community for over twenty years. The belief that true strength comes from sharing the struggles, experiences, successes and failures with each other makes us all stronger. That strength is a core principle and driving force that has allowed me to help so many fellow leaders find their success in technology. Technology is a constantly evolving and changing field: yesterday’s proven method can be tomorrow’s security risk. This reality requires us all to put education first. I am honored to be NerdioCon Nerd Icon, and can’t wait to learn something new from you.

Can you tell us about what you plan to speak about at NerdioCon? Why will this be relevant/important for partners?  

Making sense of the Acronym Soup. Industry jargon leaves many even the most experienced superheros confused as everyday a new acronym or category is created with some even having different meanings depending on which technology vertical you’re in. IAM, PAM, PIM, and others are dominating conversations while becoming the latest best practices, but it’s easy to get lost in translation. Together we will explore these, and some other common acronyms used today and their practical applications to help you find the right tools and services you need in 2023.

What are you looking forward to at the event?  

Sunshine and warm weather. Let’s be real, technology superheros usually don’t get the vacation time and even when they are “signed out” we are a phone call or message away from helping someone keep their systems online. It’s the conversations and stories from the community of superheros and what new things I will learn while sharing my experiences and stories with the other leaders of the community. I can’t wait to start the next conversation with each of you.

What trends do you think we’ll be seeing in the partner space in the year to come?  

The trends of last year are still the hot topics of today and tomorrow including:

  1. Security is driving the majority of conversations as more organizations begin to accept the notion of it’s not if but when will you be the target of a cyber attack. Cyber threats will continue, and brute force attacks will run faster, even strong passwords will need to get stronger.
  2. Compliance requirements and new cybersecurity insurance requirements are pushing more businesses to adapt to the core accepted standards or find themselves unprotected when it matters most.
  3. Social Engineering will continue its evolution and the art of phishing will target more emotional tendencies and continue to be an arch-nemesis for all the superheros.
  4. Mergers and acquisitions (M+A) are also going to continue as customers demand more and the available skilled superheros are fewer and fewer. From those staffing challenges or those just looking for their next journey, we will continue to see the continued merging of both MSPs and the tools and services they use.
  5. The economy is the unknown and none of us can see what tomorrow will bring. Remaining flexible and mobile while educating and planning for potential economic doom, should be a part your business continuity and disaster recovery plans both internally and for your clients.

Overall, it’s up to each and every superhero to step up their game with education and drive to improve security and compliance for us all. You got this!

Finally, who are your “nerd icons”? That is, who do you look up to in the tech industry? And/or who has influenced your career in it? 

You have the educators and coaches that have always been there to help extend a hand or identify that next step or goal. Even the superheros across the community are also always ready to share and help others succeed.

I personally would probably label my ‘nerd icons’ as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. As visionaries, they put product and community above all else and “it’s not possible” was not in their vocabulary. Pushing the limits and creating something that has never been seen or done before requires a tremendous amount of education even when so many doubt your success and promote the failures.