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Dissecting Microsoft’s June CSP Partner Incentives

Tony Cai
Tony CaiPartner Sales Executive
Windows Virtual Desktop
June 11, 2019Articles

Microsoft holds monthly meetings to share with partners their current incentives for the month. The incentives change slightly depending on the specifics that Microsoft wants partners to focus on. Microsoft’s purpose is to reward and support CSP partners for driving the activation and enabling of customers with Microsoft-based Online Services. Internally, this is known as the PIExp program. We’ll summarize them here, so you don’t have to flip through the 60 slide PowerPoint. 

Competency Table 



Windows and Devices 

Silver or Gold 

Enterprise Mobility Management 

Silver or Gold 

Cloud Customer Relationship Management 

Silver or Gold 

Cloud Productivity 

Silver or Gold 

Data Analytics 

Silver or Gold 

Cloud Platform 

Silver or Gold 

Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions 

Silver or Gold 

Data Platform 

Silver or Gold 

Cloud Business Applications 

Silver or Gold 

Enterprise Resource 

Silver or Gold 



  • You’ll need to be an active Microsoft Partner Network member 
  • Your organization need to have a Gold or Silver level in one of the above competencies 
  • You need to sign up for the Partner Incentive Program (enroll by emailing OCINA@microsoft.com) 
  • You need a valid cloud reseller agreement 

To check to see if you have any competencies, click here 



Global Rates 

  • Receive an 8% monthly rebate for 1 year on all Azure sales based on the 1st months bill 
  • Global Accelerators

Global Accelerators 

  • Receive a 1.25% rebate on sales on CSP Server Subscriptions used to suffice the Azure Hybrid Use requirement 
  • Receive a 10% rebate on sales of a 1 or 3 year Reserved Instance (when you pre-pay for VM’s upfront) 
  • New CSP customer consuming Azure adds get an additional 2%. Existing Office365 CSP clients do not qualify for this.

Local Accelerators (US Only) 

  • All new Azure CSP customer adds gets an 30% monthly rebate for 1 year on all Azure sales based on the 1st months bill. 


All incentives listed above are stackable, and this is how you get to 40%.  :

8% Global Rate 
2% New CSP Tenant 
+30% New Azure CSP Tenant 

= 40% total monthly rebates for 1 year based off 1st months Azure bill. 


To summarize, if you have a new client, new to Azure, perhaps they are also new to Office365. If their total Azure bill is $1,000 a month for their first month, you’ll get a check back for 40% of that every month for one year, which is $400 back in your pocket per month or $4,800 per year. How’s that for additional margin? 

If you purchase Azure through distiTechData, Ingram Micro, Synnex Pax8, Sherweb, you still qualify. This is not including the discounts you get from distribution! 


Nerdio is here to make navigating this process easy --- that includes explaining Microsoft’s various incentives. Understanding rebates is one way we empower MSPs to build successful cloud practices in Azure!