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ArticlesMay 15, 2019Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Terminology, Hierarchy, and Resources 

In this post we’ll be going through some of the more important Microsoft Azure fundamentals.    Contents Azure Terminology Accounts, Tenants, and Subscriptions Resource Groups and Resources Object Hierarchy Overview Azure Resources Compute (Virtual Machines) Anatomy of a Virtual Machine Storage Network Azure Terminology    The first step in building an MSP cloud practice with...

ArticlesMay 09, 2019Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

How to Migrate QuickBooks to Azure in a Single Afternoon Using Nerdio for Azure Professional

QuickBooks is one of the most popular applications used by small and mid-size (SMB) businesses.  Although many have adopted QuickBooks Online (a web browser-based version), the desktop version remains extremely popular and is the standard in accounting software for most SMBs. The desktop version of QuickBooks (QB) is a client/server application with the data stored...

VideosMay 07, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio for Azure Fundamentals: The Nerdio Admin Portal

In this session, we will introduce you to the Nerdio Admin Portal, otherwise known as the NAP. The NAP is the one single pane of glass MSPs use to interact with Nerdio for Azure, including managing all customer accounts, and Azure resources. With the Nerdio Admin Portal, we have simplified the way MSPs interact with Azure, as most every task can be accomplished in three clicks or less, truly a breakthrough and simplified way to manage your customer accounts in Microsoft Azure. Enjoy the session.

ArticlesMay 03, 2019Nerdio

Newly Unveiled Nerdio for Azure Core Allows MSPs to Quickly and Profitably Build an IaaS Practice in Microsoft Azure

Nerdio for Azure Core provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a simplified plan for transitioning to Microsoft Azure via a cost-effective, per-customer account pricing model Nerdio, a pioneer in Microsoft Azure IT automation, announced today the launch of Nerdio for Microsoft Azure Core in response to market demand from MSPs looking to quickly build Infrastructure-as-a-Service...

VideosMay 03, 2019Nerdio

Azure IT Fundamentals: Azure Files and File Sync

In this session, we will continue the discussion on Azure storage by diving deeper into Azure files. We'll talk about encryption, Bitlocker, Azure Key Vault and Azure File Sync. We're going to use the white board a bunch in this discussion, so get ready for what will be an exciting talk about another of the many core topics needed to build a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure. Enjoy the session.

VideosApril 29, 2019Nerdio

Azure IT Fundamentals: Azure Storage

In this session, you will learn more about one of the most fundamental concepts in Azure, Azure Storage. We'll dive deeper into topics like Azure Disks, Managed Disks, and Disk Performance. We'll go through an overview of storage pricing, including pricing Managed Disks, and we'll discuss the practical differences between Standard and Premium Storage. Understanding Azure Storage is a fundamental building block needed to start building a successful cloud practice in Microsoft Azure. Enjoy the session.

VideosApril 25, 2019Nerdio

Azure IT Fundamentals: Networking

In this session you will learn more about networking in Azure, how Azure uniquely handles networking including VNet, subnet, VNix, VPN, and something called ExpressRoute which is a great way to ensure the privacy and isolation of your data and possibly lower variance on things like latency and packet loss. As an MSP is it important to really get your arms around how networking works in Azure as you continue to build up your cloud practice.

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