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Building the Digital Strength of Your Business With NEW Nerdio for Azure Core

Amol Dalvi
Amol DalviVP, Product
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April 09, 2019Articles

As we move into 2019, digital transformation still remains at the heart of the corporate strategy for the top Global 2000 companies and SMBs.  However, according to Forrester, about 25% companies will decelerate their digital spend. As the article notes, some companies will shift to a more “pragmatic” approach with the aim of making “incremental and necessary changes to operations.”

Digital transformation can mean something different things to each person. Generally, the very first step towards digital transformation is embracing the cloud, then comes DevOps, performance monitoring, Big Data, machine learning, analytics, etc. to transform how companies do business.  Companies need diverse products as per their maturity in the digital transformation space.

Nerdio has products and services specifically designed to support every stage of your journey to the cloud, all while optimizing performance, mitigating risk, and controlling costs.

With more advanced plans already in place, this month we have launched a new plan called Nerdio for Azure Core, or “NFA Core” for short.

What is NFA Core & who’s it for?

NFA Core is targeted towards organizations who are just beginning their transition to the cloud. As the name suggests “NFA Core” is a base plan; a non-desktop version of the existing NFA plans.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often run in to customers that are not quite ready to run virtual desktops and their entire IT environment in Azure. NFA Core is designed to assist organizations with taking the first step towards adopting the cloud by keeping it simple - leverage Azure only for servers, backups, disaster recovery (DR) and IT infrastructure.

Core simplifies the ability to take advantage of the IaaS functionality of Azure.

What’s included in NFA Core?

Now that we know what NFA Core is, let’s explore the exciting features the plan offers:

Out-of-box configuration:  NFA Core allows MSPs to spin up an IT environment in Azure quickly and in an automated fashion so that human error is eliminated.

  • AD domain controller
  • File Server (optional)

Infrastructure: NFA Core provides the right IT management tools to make it easy and error free to do complex IT tasks - without requiring advanced education to run your IT department.

  • Server management
  • Domain management
  • VPN management
  • On-boarding tools
  • Logs and audit trail
  • Azure hybrid usage benefit
  • Hybrid active directory
  • On-ramp regions
  • Automated notifications

User: NFA Core helps MSPs migrate Azure AD and Office 365 users in Nerdio and manage them efficiently.

  • AD user management
  • Office 365 user management
  • Group management
  • Shared mailbox management

Security: NFA Core helps protect your organization’s digital footprint.

  • Two factor authentication for admin portal login
  • Firewall management

Backup and DR: As a part of our risk mitigation strategy, NFA Core regularly backs up your data and helps you recover important data in case of a natural disaster.

  • Backup management
  • DR management

Optimization: We help you optimize costs and assure that you pay only for the Azure resources you need.

  • Scheduled server auto-scaling

MSP Tools: We provide unique tools to help MSPs package and sell IT in the cloud.

  • NFA Cost Estimator
  • Plans Designer
  • White Labelling
  • Partner Support

For your convenience, we have put together the three NFA plans side by side:

  • NFA Core
  • NFA Professional
  • NFA Enterprise


NFA core is the most economical plan. Pricing is by customer account while the other two plans are on a per desktop user model. You can always upgrade from NFA Core to an NFA Enterprise plan when the organization is ready to embrace the cloud even further by deploying virtual desktops and running their entire IT environment in Azure.

For more information, get in touch with our Sales team who can help you choose the right plan for your specific business needs.