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Bas van Kaam


Bas van Kaam

Field CTO

Bas is our EMEA Field CTO and a 3-time Microsoft MVP, based out of the Netherlands. He has been part of the industry for over 22 years and brings a wealth of experience. He has been part of many IT community-driven programs in the past, some of which he founded and initiated himself. Throughout the years, Bas has written over 500 blog posts and became a published author a few years back when he wrote the book on the Citrix Flex Management Architecture, followed by a community-driven book: Byte Sized, Cloud design principles, and architectural recommendations.

Bas takes care of the day-to-day business in Europe as well as the Middle East and works closely with our UK and US-based teams. He runs our Nerdio NVP program, visits events globally to represent Nerdio, and is involved in various sales and marketing-driven activities. Next to that, he regularly contributes to our blog and social channels. He is a sports nut, married to Tineke, and a father of 3 wonderful kids.