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ArticlesAugust 05, 2019Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio

Azure Ephemeral OS Disks: What Are They and How Do They Benefit MSPs?

Virtual Machines in Azure run on top of the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor on physical hardware inside Azure data centers around the world.  Each VM can be attached to two types of storage: Local and Remote.    Local VM Storage  This type is non-persistent (i.e. volatile) storage that is internal to the physical Hyper-V host that a VM is running on at any given time.  As soon as...

VideosJuly 30, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Plans Designer

In this session, we're going to show you a tool we have created to help MSPs show the public their various offerings. We call it the Plans Designer. You will see that it allows MSPs to publish to their website a variety of different plans that take into account everything from their managed virtual desktop offering to Office 365, Azure infrastructure, help desk and support, and any other additional add-ons and services they wish to offer. With just a few clicks, the MSP can format the offerings in their look and feel, and quickly publish them to their website. Another example how at Nerdio we are all about helping MSPs be successful in the market.

VideosJuly 22, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Nerdio Cost Estimator (Part 2 ITaaS)

In this session, we're going to talk about an incredibly popular tool that Nerdio has to offer, the Nerdio Cost Estimator. We know that one of the biggest challenges MSPs face in building a cloud practice in Microsoft Azure is deeply understanding the cost of purchasing Azure from their distributor, or in some cases directly from Microsoft. MSPs are concerned that in moving to a consumption based selling model that they may accidentally quote their customers an incorrect, or unrealistic price for Azure services. The Nerdio cost estimator aims to solve this challenge by providing MSPs with an easy to use tool that has considered all of the pricing challenges one may encounter when quoting Azure deals to their customers.

VideosJuly 18, 2019Nerdio

Nerdio Fundamentals: Nerdio Cost Estimator (Part 1 IaaS Use Case)

In the session today, we will walk you through the Cost Estimator taking a look at IaaS, or the use case where a customer wants to take on-premise servers, move them to the cloud and then manage them, auto-scale them, or back them up. Certainly one of the most common use cases in the market today. There will be further sessions where we go deeper into other use cases including, IT-as-a-Service, and Desktop-as-a-Service. Enjoy this session.

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