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ArticlesJune 26, 2019Pete LangasDirector, Sales & Business Development

Microsoft (M365) vs. Office (O365): Licensing Explained

The first step most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) take to move their customer’s business to the cloud is with Office 365—the cloud productivity suite from Microsoft.  Microsoft currently offers two main plans for its cloud productivity services: Office 365 and Microsoft 365. In this article, we will explain the differences and help you understand when...

ArticlesMay 17, 2019Tony CaiPartner Sales Executive

8 Help Desk Tasks Slowing MSPs Down

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are always looking for ways to improve Help Desk efficiencies. Reducing the time it takes to close a client ticket while delivering great customer service is key to increased profitability and customer success.   Nerdio for Azure helps MSPs save significant time and resources through automation. Let’s look at eight common tasks that eat up time and prevent engineers from moving on to the next...

ArticlesMay 15, 2019Tony CaiPartner Sales Executive

The Managed Container Opportunity – Cloud Transformation for MSPs

As focus turns to the public cloud, many traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will struggle with their cloud transformation. To become a next-generation MSP is to rid oneself completely of the break-fix model and transition to delivering and managing cloud services to your customers. IT professionals tend to focus on infrastructure, but there’s a whole...

ArticlesJanuary 29, 2019Tony CaiPartner Sales Executive

Containers Create Growth Opportunity for MSPs

As the public cloud becomes more ubiquitous, there are still many traditional MSPs struggling with making their full transition to a cloud practice. To become a NextGen MSP, IT practices must move away from a break-fix mentality and transition to delivering and managing a variety of cloud services for customers. Enter container technology. IT professionals...