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March, 2020

The First 7 Things to Configure in a New Nerdio Manager Deployment

Provisioning with Nerdio is an exciting experience. A whole new virtual environment is created and ready to be explored, configured, tested, and deployed. However, we find that partners often jump
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Introducing Nerdio Manager for Enterprise: Deployment & Management of Azure Virtual Desktop for the Enterprise

Today, we’re launching the public preview of a brand-new product called Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. It is an automation platform designed for Enterprise IT Professionals to deploy, manage, and autoscale Windows Virtual Desktop (AVD) in Azure. We’ve been quietly building this product for some time now
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Nerdio’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Pools Explained

Nerdio AVD desktop pools are great. They enable auto-scaling to save on costs and simplify image management with a centralized template that can be pushed out to all session host.
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