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Nerdio Manager for WVD Version 2.0 – ARM (Spring Update) Object Model, Sepago Integration, & More

Vadim Vladimirskiy
Vadim VladimirskiyFounder & CEO, Nerdio
June 02, 2020Articles

Today, we are releasing Version 2.0 of Nerdio Manager for WVD.  There are several major enhancements and exciting new functionality in this release.  We’ll delve into some of them here but be sure to watch our YouTube Channel for demos of new features as they are released.


WVD Spring Update – ARM Object Model

Microsoft released a new ARM-based object model into public preview recently and I wrote about this new significant functionality here.  In version 2.0, Nerdio Manager for WVD now supports the Fall 2019 Release (non-ARM) object model, Spring 2020 Update (ARM) object model and a hybrid mode.

As with everything in Nerdio Manager, we made the process of switching to ARM mode or hybrid mode very easy and intuitive.  One of three modes can be selected on the SETTINGS page.


sepago integration 1


  • “Fall 2019 Release – non-ARM” – in this mode, WVD TENANTS menu is visible and all functionality uses the non-ARM object model.
  • “Spring 2020 Update – ARM” – in this mode, WORKSPACES menu is visible and all functionality uses the new ARM object model.
  • “Hybrid – ARM and non-ARM” – in this mode, both WORKSPACES and WVD TENANTS menus are visible and both object models can be utilized at the same time.




In the near future, while in Hybrid mode, you will be able to migrate an existing non-ARM deployment to the new ARM object model non-disruptively.  You’ll be able to migrate the entire deployment or individual host pools and select whether to copy or move existing user assignments. 

sepago azure integration 2

There are three things you’ll notice when you enable the ARM object model in Nerdio Manager:

  1. It is now possible to assign users AND groups to host pools. You will see groups listed on the Manage assignments page (previously called Manage users).
  2. What used to be called “WVD Tenants” in non-ARM mode is now called “Workspaces” and these objects can be placed in different Azure geographies. (As of this writing, only US locations are available, but others are coming later this year.)
  3. Objects created in Nerdio Manager for WVD are visible and manageable in the Azure portal (and vice versa). You can now see Workspaces, Host Pools, and App Groups in the Azure portal.


All other functionality that Nerdio Manager for WVD users have come to love and rely on in the non-ARM model is still available in ARM mode.  Desktop images, auto-scaling, role-based access controls, etc. work exactly as they used to.


Sepago Azure Monitor Integration

Visibility into WVD environments, both in real-time and historically, is a key component of operationalizing Windows Virtual Desktop in production environments.  Knowing what is going on inside of the user sessions, what the end-user experience is like, how much infrastructure is being consumed at a given time, what users’ work hours look like and many such questions were difficult to answer – until now!


Nerdio has partnered with sepago and integrated their Azure Log Analytics based monitoring tool for WVD right into the Nerdio Manager.  It is now possible to automate the deployment of Log Analytics workspace, custom WVD workbooks (i.e. visualizations and reports), and the installation of the sepago Azure monitor agent on each newly created session host VM.


Sepago Azure monitor is enabled on the SETTINGS page in Nerdio Manager for WVD.  It can deploy a new Log Analytics workspace or leverage an existing one.


sepago azure integration 3


Once enabled, the sepago agent that collects all telemetry data will be automatically installed on any newly deployed or re-imaged session host VM.  These settings can be controlled globally (as defaults) or customized on a per host pool basis.


Finally, custom dashboards and reports can be defined and linked directly in the Nerdio Manager navigation menu and made available to all Nerdio Manager users.  As new Workbooks are created, they can be linked and made available to others automatically.  Nerdio Manager will not only deploy the Log Analytics workspace but will also manage the access on this resource as new users are added to Nerdio Manager.  As new users are added, they will be automatically entitled to see the sepago Log Analytics workbooks depending on their role.



Want to learn more about the new sepago integration into Nerdio Manager for WVD? 

Click here for Part 1: Enabling the Integration

Click here for Part 2: Creating & Linking Dashboards 


Dynamic Host Pool Cost Estimation

Several other enhancements are also included in the Version 2.0 release of Nerdio Manager for WVD.  With this and future releases, we are adding more visibility into the costs associated with deploying and operating a WVD environment. This starts with estimating the minimum and maximum compute and storage costs of a host pool and then measuring the actual cost and auto-scale savings over time.  In Version 2.0, you will see a new table on the Manage auto-scale screen that shows the estimated minimum and maximum costs of a selected configuration.


sepago integration 6


Our mission with Nerdio Manager for WVD is to empower IT Professionals to operationalize large WVD environments in a cost effective and secure manner.  Stay tuned for many more exciting features coming soon.


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