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Available NOW! Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Community Edition

Bas van KaamField CTO - EMEA
October 22, 2020Articles

The Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME) Community Edition (CE) is part of our Nerdio Tech Insider community program and has been officially launched on October 21st, 2020 (a big thank you to all who attended the launch event). Below, we’d like to highlight some of the most important differences between the Community Edition and paid edition of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and explain to you what it is all about. I have included a link to the recording of the launch event as well as my slide-deck in PDF format. 


First Things First: Thank You

I want to thank everyone who has helped to get us where we are today. Of course, this includes a bunch of my Nerdio colleagues as well. In only a few months, we’ve been able to build a solid community foundation, with a lot more on the way. Obviously, NME-CE plays an important role in all this.

It goes without saying that this would not have been possible without your support.

Onto the good stuff…

To let you experience the power and added value of our Manager for WVD platform, we have decided that that’s exactly what you will get with NMW-CE… FULL power and control. Meaning, the technical differences between NME ad NME-CE are little to none, as you will find out shortly.

Hopefully, this will make a nice and useful - or at least fun - addition to your own personal Azure lab environment. Personally, I have always been a fan of these types of initiatives in the past (and still am), so you can probably imagine the joy I feel being able to share this news with you today.


Where & How to Get It

NME-CE is available through the Azure marketplace, just like the paid version. In fact, you select and install the regular version of NME to start with. Once installed you have three options, as explained via the top banner:

  • Keep using it in trial mode: for proof-of-concept and production purposes
  • Upgrade to a paid version: for production workloads
  • Select the Community Edition: for private lab purposes only. Send me (bvankaam@getnerdio.com) or our support team an email (nmw.support@getnerdio.com) with your Install ID  (see image below) and we will assign you a Community Edition license.



The top banner (displayed below) will disappear within a couple of hours after a Community license has been assigned. 



Since we are discussing the Community Edition here, we’ll assume you have installed NMW-CE in your own private Azure lab. Note that NMW (paid and community) is only available on Azure. It is not available on other cloud platforms and on-premises.

Once you have let us know you want to use NMW Community Edition, that’s it, you are done. The "Deployed version" of NMW you are using will change from being in "Trial" to "Community" - something you'll be able to check on the "Updates" page as well. It will just keep working until you uninstall or deactivate it. NMW-CE is installed in a separate (empty to start out with) Azure Resource Group, which makes it easy to get rid of, if or when needed/desired.

You will not be charged for any licenses. However, please keep in mind that you are NOT allowed to use NME-CE in a company lab environment – not for testing or evaluating, not for production workloads, etc. That’s what the trial mode is for. The community edition is meant for private Azure lab purposes only.


A few things to note about the community edition:

  • Total number end-users is limited to 25. This is a metric we will monitor. However, for private lab purposes this should be more than sufficient.
  • You will be able to use the full feature set of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise in the Community Edition.
  • Also, we are not limiting the type and number of machines/CPU’s to be used with NME-CE, you can go all out.
  • Available through the Azure Market place exclusively.


Azure Costs

Please, do keep an eye on your Azure costs.

While we offer NME-CE free of charge, you will still need to pay for the underlying resources being consumed by NME-CE (including the PaaS resources used by NME-CE, see paragraph below). Also, once you start using NME-CE within your Azure lab, think about the (type and number of) virtual machines part of your AVD environment, for example.

Setting costs limits and/or alerts within your subscription is something I’d highly recommend doing.


**TIP** NME-CE on a budget

Like the paid version, NME-CE is built on the same Azure native Platform-as-a-Service services, making it just as flexible and scalable. As highlighted above, this means costs will apply here as well. However, by scaling down the underlying App Service Plan and the SQL database, costs can be kept to a minimum. If you run NME-CE within a MSDN account, for example, it will be more than enough to get you through the month.

Give this KB article a read, it will fill you in on the underlying App Service Plan and SQL Service used and how to scale these down for testing and lab purposes. If you are uncertain on how to do this, join our Slack channel and ask away – see next paragraph – we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.



Since this is a Community effort, our normal support channels do not apply. We do offer best effort support as part of the Nerdio Tech Insider program Slack channel. Go here to join. There will be others using the CE as well, so make sure to ask and answer questions and help each other out.


TIP: bookmark our help site. It is fully dedicated to Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and offers dozens of Knowledge Base (KB) articles on various configuration options, troubleshooting issues, several “How To” videos and more. This should be your number one go-to resource before anything else if you have questions.

Also consider our Slack channel if you have comments, feedback, or anything else you would like to share.


Useful Links

Please join our Meetup page as well – link is in list.


I hope to catch you all online soon!

Happy NME-CEing!

Bas van Kaam

Nerdio Field CTO, EMEA/UK