Streaming IT

Imagine your life without IT headaches and risks. No need to just imagine it – you can now live it, with Nerdio Streaming IT. What’s “Streaming IT” you say? That’s easy to explain (and for us, easy to do). Simply put, we virtualize your entire IT environment – hardware, software, and support (humans we leave in corporeal form).

Goodbye Physical, Hello Virtual

So feel free to toss all those now-outdated physical servers, desktops/laptops, and software (you start the bonfire and we’ll bring the marshmallows). You get it all for a one low fixed price per user. A fraction of the price the big-boys and girls pay. And wave goodbye to extra IT costs cropping up unexpectedly – you won’t have to deal with any of that nonsense either (best news… ever?).

Already Have an IT Department?

Yep, we’re talkin’ to you, too. Right now, your IT department is likely stuck repairing and maintaining computers, working on servers, and various other annoyingly time consuming tasks that aren’t helping you. And we can’t have that.

All of the Amazing Things You'll be Getting with Nerdio

The Standard
(but Awesome)
Nerdio Components


Get a super-fast streaming desktop for every user, without the hardware.  And access your normal in-office desktop environment at all hours, from any connected device, anywhere. Amazing.

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We’ll also add in any software you’ll need (hello, Microsoft Office – plus any other licenses you’d want), and you’ll be sailing smoothly.

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Toss out the bulky servers and get Nerdio private cloud for your data – just YOUR data. No need to share this time.

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Security & Data Protection

We’ll hook you up with Fort Knox-style security for all of your sensitive systems and data. You’ll get encryption, firewalls, antivirus, antispyware, backups, intrusion prevention, and much more. So you can rest easy.

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Monitoring & Maintenance

Continual system oversight will catch issues before they cause problems. We’re like Batman – hidden in the shadows and fighting off the bad guys so your business can live in peace.

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Help Desk Support

Ever have frustrations with your support (who hasn’t)? Well, our Nerdios are all super-experienced techies who really know their stuff. And whether your offices are 8 to 5, or if you have locations all over the world, we have some sweet support plans that works with your schedule.

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Extra Toppings

Virtual CIO

A personal high-grade IT consultant, without the hefty price tag? Say hello to technology advising, training, reviewing, and so much more.

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Migration & Onboarding

Get an Onboarding Engineer who will bring your systems safely to life.

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