HIPAA - we’ve got you covered

With nerdio, it’s a clean bill of health on HIPAA.

Because health care services have their own tough data privacy requirements, Nerdio is proud to say we’re fully HIPAA compliant—top to bottom. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandates a ton of administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, and we meet them without breaking a sweat. So your employees can rest easy about using and accessing workstations and electronic media in their day-to-day work.

Our obsessive compliance checklist includes:

  • Access control using unique user IDs
  • Emergency access procedures
  • Automatic
    log off
  • Encryption
    decryption tools
  • Disaster recovery
    offsite backups
  • Protection against unauthorized public access
Results: Nerdio and our hand-picked partners vigilantly protect vital client information. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Fortune 500 security for SMBs

Nerdio’s streaming IT infrastructure delivers rock-solid cutting-edge security and redundancy, so your small and medium-sized organization gets the same protection Fortune 500 big shots take for granted.

Data centers with
Fort Knox-style protection

Nerdio relies on hardened SOC 2 Type II audited facilities, which, like shrewd survivalists, we’ve unobtrusively sprinkled in several distinct geographic regions and tricked them out with fiendishly redundant hardware—from servers and storage devices to routers and firewalls—to maximize data protection. That means if one server flakes out, your applications automatically hand off to another … and “downtime” becomes an antiquated tech notion—like “dial-up modem” or “256k floppy.”  And maybe we should mention we don’t let just anyone saunter into one of our facilities.  Multiple physical security measures help us keep out the riff raff.

Oh, and another thing: Because we don’t trust Mother Nature, the electric company, or the friendly neighborhood ISP, each data center bristles with multiple backup power generators, fire suppression and cooling systems, and failover internet carriers.  Result: plenty of monotonously predictable bandwidth and (pardon us for repeating ourselves) redundant systems.

To recap: we don’t relax unless your data is…

  • Maintained in multiple versions for 30 full days
  • Backed up hourly at multiple geographic locations
  • Protected by military-grade encryption technology
  • Stored on dedicated virtual servers isolated from those of other clients
  • Always Retrievable —because it’s never flying solo, waiting to be lost or stolen on a vulnerable PC or laptop

Bottom line: we pamper your data as if it were our own.

Which means you’re covered when it comes to both security, availability, and, of course, HIPAA compliance. Nerdio wouldn’t have it any other way.